How to plan and implement a formal dance


So you came here looking for something right?

You want to know how to put a formal dance on.  I know I did too, now I’m not so sure.

As an advisor for the class of 2015, I was given the duty of hosting a dance.  Typically it is called Prom or Ball, but this year the kids adopted several names; Brom, Brall and Prall.  Don’t ask me, I’m just an adult.

The first thing you need when planning a dance is patience.  Money is important too, but patience keeps you sane (at least partially).  When working with teenagers, it is important to note that you must also work with their parents.  Being a parent of teenagers, I know I wouldn’t want to work with myself, but as part of the duties one must deal with it.

Here’s how it works;

Funding – Fund raise like maniacs!

Theme – Prepare for battle, because there’s nothing like choosing a theme that will make besties not so bestie anymore.

Where – Good luck finding the perfect place for 300+ teenagers to mingle with a dozen adult chaperones around, in Fairbanks.

Music – Ok, this is potentially more lethal than the theme.  Just make sure the DJ is perfect or you will hear nothing but complaints when all is said and done.

Setting it up – Takes FOREVER!  No joke, plan for it to be you and you and you and maybe a kid or two.

Tearing it down – Way easier, but then again this time it is only you because everyone else is exhausted and needs to go home to bed.

Royalty – Be ready for demands of recount, that’s sure to happen.

And there you have it, a formal in a nutshell.

Enjoy the dance, or more likely be ready to drop!

Shimmy on friends!


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PS: It took me a week  to finally feel rested 😉


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  1. That is why I will never volunteer for a huge task like that. I am good with buying cookies or baking a cake for the fundraiser. Never in a million years could i attempt to pull off something like that…Good Job Karen

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